Children sponsorships in Càceres/Brazil

From January 2007 to September 2013 we supported Fabio and Fabiana, two kids of a very poor family, one family of many in Brazil.

Fabiana und Fabio 2007
Fabiana und Fabio 2007

Towards the end of 2013 they left the day-care centre. Fabiana is now working in a bakery in the morning, in a library in the afternoon and she studies pedagogics in the evening. Fabio is working in a canteen kitchen and goes to school in the afternoon. Generally the financial situation of the family has improved. We wish Fabiana, Fabio and the whole family all the best and god’s blessing.

Fabiana und Fabio 2013
Fabiana and Fabio 2013

Since Autumn 2013 we’re now supporting our new children, named Semili (born in March 2009) and Rafel (born in May 2006). Both of them come from very poor and partially shattered families.

Before and after school they’ll be brought to the day-care centre in the city of Cáceres in Brazil. Together with many other children in need they’ll be catered for and taken care of with loads of love. The day-care centre and Christian missionary in Cáceres was founded many years ago by Markus Koschmieder, his family and many hardworking colleagues. Through sponsorships and donations, as well as cultivation and stock farming the day-care centre can provide for the daily meals and maintenance. There’s a lot of hardship and unfortunately there aren’t enough places left for more kids that are in desperate need. The day-care centre in Càceres is only one of many other places and examples in which children in need can find a good home.

Semili und Rafael 2013
Semili and Rafael 2013

Sponsorships and support for people in need – especially children – are possible all over the world. Sometimes even in close proximity – even in Germany. Therefore we also support several free meal projects for children.

SOMMER CABLE ist Sponsor des Fördervereins Burkina Faso e.V.

In cooperation with Eigen-Arts Werbeagentur GmbH we support the association in their marketing efforts, such as e.g. creating a website, media relations and the creation of promotional material.

Detailed information about the Burkina Faso Development Association and the many goals and projects is available under

Förderverein Burkina Faso e.V.
Building with classrooms and school administration

Since 2000, this charitable association has been operating as a cross-border, non-political organization in Burkina Faso, the third poorest country on this planet (according to UNDP-Statistics 2006) where about 90% of all people living in rural areas are illiterate. A partial reason for this is continuous migration. The association’s goal is to counteract this development effectively by providing hands-on technical education to youths in Burkin, as well as establishing a future-proof technical infrastructure in the rural areas.

Förderverein Burkina Faso e.V.
Instruction - technical drawing

Meanwhile, the association has founded a vocational education center (with boarding school) in rural Tampinko - 40 kilometers south of the capitol Ouagadougou. It is the first state-approved vocational school outside of large cities in Burkina Faso. Today, approximately 100 young men and women receive various educations, such as e.g. metal construction, electrical installation, office communications and computer sciences. Further projects are being planned.