Lapsus Dei

Lapsus Dei, is one of the most chilean promising metal bands from South America. With three albums and two Ep, they are a standard when talking about serious and consolidated bands.

Rodrigo her lead guitarist, was born in Paris, France, November 1977. And since he was a child, always had music in his veins. He left France in 1983, to go live to the end of the world, Chile. Poblete studied Classical Guitar and Musical Composition at the age of 14 years old, in the National Music Conservatory of Valdivia (Chile), from 1991 to 1997.

Playing for 16 years in Lapsus Dei, with which he has visited almost all Countries of South America, he had the honour of going slowly transforming in a good referent for sound, professionalism, and high musical quality.

Rodrigo uses SC-Classique cables, "they are so quiet and gentle as a feather, and as hard and strong as a tank!. You never have to worry about anything else other than giving your best show on stage".